My Experience in ‘MAGNET’

‘MAGNET’ as a whole is a really great company to explore new ideas and technologies.

As a former employee of Magnet Technologies Pvt Ltd Co. it was a great experience working with best of the best people. People have moved ahead in life in search of better and great opportunities, but no one and i say one can forget the GOOD and Some what BAD things in MagNet…..

But in a way it was a good learning , sharing and making friends , building social and personal relationship with one and all.

You know we ahev always seen and worked our way out of the UPS and DOWNS of life , some may have fought it or some might have ignored it, but we all have felt it…. Magnet too had its ups and downs but they were very clear in their GOALS and FUTURE GROWTH and they give their 100% to their achievements.


2 thoughts on “My Experience in ‘MAGNET’

  1. Austin says:

    that is not true who ever that is ‘Anonymous’, magnet as like all other companies shave ups and down , some have to suffer and some don’t….

    But that doesn’t mean the management and their team are loving this, they too don’t want anything like this to happen for their own people, would your parents do the same if this same thing happened to you….

    but you see i do beleive in what ever you have said, but one thing is definately true ,

    so what ever it may be in the last we cant just think about has happened in the past and keep taking more tensions in our life and get stressed out, the best thing to do is jsut believe in ourself , learn from our PAST and just ‘MOVE AHEAD IN YOUR LIFE’, you might never know something great or better oppertunity is awaiting for you…… 🙂

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