Court Marriage vs Full Dhamaal Marriage

Marriage is a social, religious, spiritual and/or legal union of individuals that creates kinship. This union may also be called matrimony, while the ceremony that marks its beginning is usually called a wedding and the married status created is sometimes called wedlock.

Marriage is an institution in which interpersonal relationships (usually intimate and sexual) are acknowledged by the state, by religious authority, or both. It is often viewed as a contract. Civil marriage is the legal concept of marriage as a governmental institution, in accordance with marriage laws of the jurisdiction. If recognized by the state, by the religion(s) to which the parties belong or by society in general, the act of marriage changes the personal and social status of the individuals who enter into it.

People marry for many reasons, but usually one or more of the following: legal, social, emotional, and economic stability; the formation of a family unit; procreation and the education and nurturing of children; legitimizing sexual relations; public declaration of love.

As the topic says that few people love Court Marriage and few Full Dhamaal Marriage (Party to the rooftop)
Few people think that marriage is pure and should be limited to only a few people like a small gathering in a restaurant after a quick marriage in the court of law , but for some court marriage is equally important but first come a great bash and fun with family and friends having a great time of their life. They believe that marriage is done once in a life time so they like to make it a GRAND one. In Full Dhamaal Marriage we first get married exchaning our vows and also get registered in court to make it legal, so you see its a package deal of enjoyment and law.

So the question now is what do you think?

What do you believe in?

And why?

Poll ends on 10th June 2009, so hurry up!!!!

Your vote counts………

VOTING is closed!!!

and the winner is

  1. Full Dhamaal Marriage – 42 votes (68%)
  2. Court Marriage – 20 votes (32%)
  3. None – 0 votes (0%)

18 thoughts on “Court Marriage vs Full Dhamaal Marriage

  1. Amita says:

    ek baar shaadi karni hai toh dhamaal hee honi chahiye.
    one more occasion to unite with all friends stay together for few days and enjoy!!

  2. Swapnil Sarwe says:

    Same here. Shaadi ho to DHAMAAL. Dhamaal Shaadi is the occasion where all of ur friends, relatives and known ones come together to share your happiness and bestow blessings.
    Also its an opportunity for other bachelors to look around for the perfect match around, you never know when cupid strikes.

  3. Michelle Pinto says:

    Theres nothing like a full fledged Dhamaal marriage. Doesn’t even matter if about 20 people have to live cramped up in 3 rooms or all the people fight to use the bathroom 🙂 Just knowing that you have your entire clan to celebrate in D day makes it a memorable event in itself. I think the run up to the marriage is the best of all, Cos the main day kaise khatam ho jayega pata bhi nahin chalega……… Thumbs up to a dhamaal wedding.

  4. Riddhi says:

    Shadi thodi bar bar hoti hoti hai…
    & wahi to ‘LAST’ din hai mazze karne ke liye 😉
    to Dhamal se hi honi chahie 😀

  5. Puja Mehta Mulay says:

    Me too…i Already did that way !!
    so yes its fun to see your loved,near n very dear ones happy to see you happy.

  6. Dipu says:

    Both rock! It always dependent on the situation. Some people don’t have money and some don’t understand love. You have to act accordingly.

  7. Anand J says:

    Well, We had a small debate on this one Austin at our bay in office and boys were all for keeping it simple and not surprisingly girls were all up for a big bang!!
    India mein to Dhaval Marriage is the way to go I guess tho it depends on the situation…

    Jab sabka time aayega to pata chalega…. sabki bajegi 🙂

  8. Poonam Raut says:

    Marriage is a one time occasion in your life. And with a dhamaal marriage you get to be with your near and dear ones and receive all their love and blessings. Not to mention the undivided attention and pampering you get 🙂
    marriage HAS to be dhamaal!!

  9. Anand J says:

    Austin, got me there…

    Mayb too much coordination with Dhaval for Tomcat!!!

    Will b careful next time around (y)

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