PHP Interview With Manuel Lemos Founder Of

Manuel Lemos Founder Of gave a wonderful insight on PHP, following are some key points that stand out.

To begin with here is an opening statement:

Focus On The Problems Rather Than The Means To Solve Them

  1. This is the #31st set of PHP Interview to help aspiring PHP developers and PHP fans alike to get inspired by listening from those PHP guys who are already highly involved into the PHP Ocean
  2. Its is an opportunity for new PHPers to get to know their PHP Elders
  3. PHP is the pragmatic spirit of the people that developed the language features
  4. Developers that have came out of college recently are a bit obsessed to use all the design patterns they learned in school.
  5. Your software should be self-explanatory even without comments. It should be easy to read and understand what it does.
  6. Unnecessary complexity will cost more to develop
  7. IMP: Practice a lot
  8. If your day job is to work for somebody else, try creating your own sites for an useful purpose
  9. The best PHP book: The PHP online manual
  10. To debug your PHP code : error_log() and print_r() is what I often use in my development environment to inspect values and output them in a way that does not interfere with the execution of the code
  11. PHP is so powerful that it already provides the basic building blocks to do it with minimal amount of code.
  12. For database abstraction I use Metabase which is package that I started in 1999

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Based on the interview I can easily say that we should apply the KISS principle (“Keep it simple, stupid”), as it becomes very easy to manage and run code and keeping in mind the end result i.e. Users Satisfaction