Different Options in Buying a New Mobile Phone

Buy a New Mobile Phone

If given the opportunity which new mobile phone would you buy and why??

In the current situation you would be very confused and also shocked with wide variety of options available in the market.

So how do you make you choice??? hmmm….

Let get out thinking caps on and make the best choice, cause  in today’s world MONEY Does MATTER.

So get the BEST value for the product of your choice.

Choice is based on 2 broad aspects and questions:

  1. How much money i am ready to shell for the cell phone
  2. What kind of features i require in my cell phone

Theres is an important rule in this, not:

Don’t you dare take in suggestion from any TOM, DICK and HARRY….#%$#$%#

Or else he/she is really going to share the WORST or BEST information about the handsets tehy have used….

And then you will totally get CONFUSED……[#####OMG####]

Once you have decided the COST and FEATURES, you then create a list of Mobile Phone options ready, few of my favorites are:

buy a cell phone template

buy a cell phone template

  1. Nokia
  2. HTC
  3. iPhone
  4. Samsung
  5. Sony Erricson
  6. Blackberry
  7. Motorola
  8. Nexus

If you ask me i would suggest the following:

  • Cost effective product, basic features, good battery life: Nokia and Samsung
  • Media, Imaging, Cool look and feel: iPhone and Blackberry
  • Music and Media: Sony Erricson
So the bottom line is:
“Be sensible & smart when it comes to buying phones;
Also be a little Mobile Sawy”
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