Xiaomi RedMi 1S

Ruling Indian phone/mobile market Xiaomi Mi3 and RedMi 1S release today (16th Sep 2014) on Flipkart.com
The two phones have created a reputation in a very short span of time all thanks to WhatsApp, Facebook, Ads, Flipkart and other media.

The social and media awareness for these two phone is incredible and is a record breaking event in itself and could be added to the Guinness or Limca book of world records.

So here’s the BIG Question : “Which budget smartphone should you buy?”
My answer would be: “I need everything that’s in an iPhone and Cheap and best apps like WhatsApp, Facebook & more and the best battery life ever…!!”;

Last night I was just reading an article that said:
“40000 units of the Redmi 1S will go on sale on Tuesday in the third flash sale on Flipkart.” (@NDTV)

So I too wanted to get ahead of the action and registered on Flipkart site (You need to register and get an invite via email to buy this product).

I even saw my friends and others registering to the site with multiple ids only to get a chance to buy this wonderful piece of hardware.

It’s fair to do so to grab this product @ such an unbeatable price.
It’s already a huge hit in the USA and now its making its now creating a wave among Indian consumers.

Short specification of the product

Dual Sim / Snap Dragon 400 Chipset / 8 Gb Flash Memory & 32GB via microSD / 1 GB Ram / 4.7′ display / 8mp Camera / Mi Sound Hi-Fi System / On the go USB / Bluetooth & WiFi / Android Jelly Bean
(I think I covered all the specs… wow!! this is BIG)

Users were eagerly waiting to buy this mean and beautiful machine, their eyes were locked on the Website on laptops, desktops, tablets and phones.

But to their despair, the RedMi 1S was actually sold in 1 second as the name suggests “1S”.
Flipkart users were furious when they were a click away and then the site said the its “OUT OF STOCK“, it was like people lost everything and were sad to see that the product was sold so quickly.

Users were heart broken to see this page

Image by flipkart.com

Image by flipkart.com

But I think its very strange that it could go OUT OF STOCK so quickly to be more specific in 1 second.
I am not sure if this could be a negative publicity that could increase the demand for RedMi 1S more…. (we will have to wait & see!!)

But one can easily say that the Indian budget smartphone market has really brought the competition head-to-head only benefiting the end users and with ultra affordable phones at cheaper price having the best features like the top high-end phones it’s a created a BIG SPLASH in the affordable phones arena. (Hurrah!!)

You can read all about the Xiaomi RedMi 1S on their official website http://www.mi.com/my/redmi1s/ or on Flipkart http://www.flipkart.com/redmi-1s/p/itmdz6zpuatkgfjp

But I would also recommend to read more on the performance and usability of the product, and the best site for the job is NDTV Gadgets.
All of us in India have seen Gadget Guru that has given us a platform to understand the specs of the gadget in detail and in a simple format that is easily known to end-users.
To read more on Redmi1S on NDTV Gadgets: http://gadgets.ndtv.com/xiaomi-redmi-1s-1772

Screen grab from NDTV Gadgets – Xiaomi Redmi 1s

NDTV Gadgets - Xiaomi Redmi 1s

Image by NDTV Gadgets – Xiaomi Redmi 1s


** To read more on detailed comparison on Redmi 1s vs Moto E vs Zenfone 4: http://tech.firstpost.com/news-analysis/redmi-1s-vs-moto-e-vs-zenfone-4-which-budget-smartphone-should-you-buy-230706.html

Facebook Goes Down Temporarily in INDIA and other parts of the World

Facebook goes down temporarily in India and other parts of the world, but later restored: www.facebook.com

WOW, its really shocking to know this, but you know things happen you cant be invincible always Facebook proved it.
Sites go down…!!!



Based on the news and twitter posts: The world’s biggest social networking site Facebook went down temporarily in parts of Europe, with users in some countries outside the region also reporting problems.
Countries affected included:India, Ireland, UK, Pakistan and South Korea.

If there were any more countries affected please share??

Statement from Facebook:

“Today we experienced technical difficulties causing the site to be unavailable for a number of users in Europe,” Facebook said in a statement. “The issue has been resolved and everyone should now have access to Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

Many places we have read different reasons why it was down, but i think the news from CERN has it correct.
CERT.be: the federal cyber emergency team for Belgium, said:

Facebook was hit by a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack.

But facebook returned with a statement, that the site was unavailable in Europe because of technical difficulties, and had been restored, according to news reports.

They were not willing to respond to a request for a comment on the outage.

The outage in may countries were delayed by 30min – 2hrs, so it was not a big deal, they are back online now!!!

It seems from news that Facebook had another outage in February, a day after filing for its initial public offering.

Facebook traffic plummets in the US

Facebook traffic plummets in the US.

With 687 million users at the end of May, Facebook’s traffic is far from hurting. But in the US, millions of users have decided to disconnect.

As its user ranks approach 700 million worldwide, Facebook traffic in the United States has dropped significantly, a sign that the social network behemoth may be on the way down, reports Inside Facebook.

According to statistics from Inside Facebook Gold analytics service — which gets its information from Facebook’s advertising tool — new Facebook users totaled 11.8 million people in May — an impressive number by any stretch of the imagination. But that compares to the 13.9 million who joined in April, and an average of about 20 million in the 12 months prior.

This drop is primarily due to a plunge in registered users in the US. The number of US Facebook users fell from 155.2 million to 149.4 million during the month of May alone. That’s nearly 6 million people who decided they no longer need to stay connected through the service, and is the first time Facebook has lost users in the last year.