Top 5 Free and Open Source – Mobile App Makers – Native vs Hybrid

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps


Mobile Application Development is booming in the Industry in a rapid pace. We all feel that we need be part of the web but that opinion is changed from Web to Mobile First.

While working on JS/HTML5 mobile apps, I have stumbled upon a huge stash of Freebies &  open source applications that gives the ease of mobile app development by just adding JS/CSS/HTML coding and in just few minutes you have your App ready to deploy.

Some of the best online app makers:

Some Custom HyBrid Apps: (Simplicity) (Efficiency)

Create amazing apps
The beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with HTML5. by Facebook


As you see there are many options in the market to choose from, but one question always itches my head is: “Which is the best for my product/website?” and the Million Dollar answer is very simple its hidden in your requirement, example lets take a scenario:

#1: I would like to make a simple website for Deals & Shopping (like everyone does !!) that will have a 3 folds: header – body – footer panel. The header will have my logo and a menu icon. Menu will be dynamic and change based on trending categories. Posts will be dynamic based on current trends in shopping and deals. Post will an image and summary of the post and on click provide details of the product and the vendor/shopping site to purchase from.

Solution: Create a HTML5 Mobile site using PhoneGap or Titanium Appaccelerator as the site is completely dynamic in nature and the app can be Update & release faster than  native apps.
Best bargain in Cost of Development, Cost of Release and Cost of Time – to develope the App.

But in this same scenario if you want to use the Contacts Book, GPS, FB/Twitter Direct Share, Open Products from Apps installed, Smooth UI – movement in UI element fading, show/hide etc, then I would suggest Native Apps.

How to Choose an App Maker

Let me know whats your opinion on this topic.


I would soon be adding another post on my experience in Native vs HyBrid Apps